April 17, 2008

hurry up...

For the last few days I've struggled to write poems. They just weren't coming. I poked, I prodded, but nothing happened except some new bruises.

But tonight, in the span of two hours, I pounded out four poems! I'm elated, even if they aren't the best. Two of them made me laugh, which makes them, in my opinion, worth the trouble. Here is the one for day 15 (an insult poem, which I had a horrid time writing, don't ask me why) and then one I wrote for CleanPlace's challenge of the week.

The Lowest Form

I've tried, in vain, to find words
to express the absolute hideousness
of you--but language is limited,
as is my time, and quite simply,
you are not worth
waxing poetic over--ever!
So I'll go with this--
You are
a stinky, baboon-faced shrimp,
sticking to the bottom
of my shoe.

(c) SDD 4/2008

This one is a form called a Cascade- I think you'll pick up how it works!

The Frog Prince

Chalk it up to a young girl’s dreams
of princes, castles, and fairytale endings—
How could I know frogs were slimy?

Promises of knights in sparkling armor
blinded my judgment—
Chalk it up to a young girl’s dreams.

I heard your words filtered
through the stories I read
of princes, castles, and fairytale endings.

I wanted a first kiss—
waited for the transformation—
How could I know frogs were slimy?

(c) SDD 4/2008

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MangyCat said...

LOVED "The Lowest Form." Absolutely brilliant!