May 5, 2007


It is raining again. I love it. I took a long nap this afternoon falling asleep to the sound of thunder. Very relaxing.

On Thursday, I spent an hour outside, raking up the pine needles and leaves in the front yard. I realized that most people in my generation would have been out there with their ipod or some other mp3 player, but I stayed out there with no music. I listened to the world and thought about what so many people are missing. The breeze played in the tree branches, birds chattered through the neighborhood and somewhere, children played. The sun trickled down through the branches of the pine tree and warmed me up. How lovely.

I think it's very, very sad that so many people are constantly hooked up to noise. I mean, the world can be a really peaceful, restorative and refreshing. But when we ignore the world, block it out, then we miss out on all of that.

So my challenge to you this week is to disconnect. Turn off the music and reconnect with the world around you. Actually listen, reflect, and see what you find.

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