May 14, 2007

little blessings...

Today I got to go to Panera and write for two hours. When I got there, all the tables were full. I prayed for a good table to open up and a booth did about two minutes later, which I snagged. I had a great time in a great seat.

Tonight, I got to watch Jake play baseball. He had a great hit, did a wonderful job of catching and pitched a batter out when it really mattered.

Tonight, at the game, I also got some great job leads that would keep me home and be the perfect kind of work.

Just now, I checked my email and saw a spam message (on my address that has never gotten spam) so I clicked to the folder. Turned out, it was a message from my friend, Rashmi. I met her in Namibia and she really ministered to me greatly there. This is the first I've heard from her since I came home in December.

So, what little blessing did you have today??

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