March 2, 2007

If only...

I thought I had better post before a whole month goes by and someone starts yelling at me. Not that any of you would yell, but you do send snide emails and give me funny looks sometimes. Stop acting surprized, you know you do!

Life is pretty mundane at the moment. I'm still working in the nursery and looking for more gainful employment. Hard to do when I don't have a steady car. Once I get a car I should be able to actually find a job that I can commit to. And then I can make dinner arrangements with all of you that I have wanted to catch up with. I haven't forgotten you.

I have this great idea for a blog post but it's not ready just yet, have to think out a few more things. And Miss Pottenger didn't help with her distracting entry about hot donuts. I miss Krispy Kream.

Anyway, let me know how things in your world are going. I love to hear from you all via comments or email :).

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