March 8, 2007

good deed done...

It's been a productive day and it is not even 11 am yet! And I didn't get up early. Well, I was out of bed before 8 to feed the dogs (I'm housesitting) and let them out into the yard. As I still felt tired and didn't need to be up yet, I climbed back into bed. But I heard a scratching sound around my room. I knew that Cisco (the small dog) was sleeping upstairs in his carrier and couldn't have gotten out and Sanchez (the big dog) was out in her run. Then, I heard flapping. So I went to the window and pulled back the curtain. In the window well sat a beautiful gray morning dove.

Thinking she would get out eventually, I went back to sleep and dozed for an hour. Then I heard the bird again, still stuck in the well. I lounged around for another hour and then heard the bird again. I decided to get up and go see if I could figure out why it was still in the well. Turned out the well was too deep for her to fly in and she banged her wing trying to get out.

As there were no appropriate lengths of wood in the yard and no suitable apparatuses in the garage, I figured it was going to be Sara-intervention that would finally get the bird out. So I found a large towel, climbed down into the window well (there was an escape ladder for easy human access) and went to work. I gently dropped the towel over the bird, scooped her up and set her free on the ground above. She must have banged her wing pretty good (but it looked okay so I don't think it was broken) because she proceeded to walk all around the yard. When she tried to fly she only got about a foot or so off the ground. I chased her to the side of the yard that has a bush and other things to hide in and then went inside. I'll have to keep an eye on the dogs for a day or two, but I think the bird has a good chance.

Other news of my life include finding a CS Lewis book I didn't know about (The Dark Tower and other stories). I'm thrilled! The main story is a fragment of a tale that relates to Lewis's space trilogy. It is missing two pages. I never knew how absolutely frustrating it could be to lose two pages of someone else's work. I hate to lose my own work, but there is something deeply tragic about losing two pages of Lewis. I want to know what he said. It's almost as bad as Margret Mitchell burning the sequel to Gone With the Wind. But even with two missing pages, it is a great story.

I found out that a package I sent to my friend, Kate in Tanzania, took over 3 months to reach her. All the others got to her in 3 weeks. Crazy! But she sent me a nice letter that brightened my day.

Well, I have to get going. I have a job cleaning out the drama closet at church. Lots of stuff to organize and toss out. Hope your week is going well. Leave a comment to let me know you came by!

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