January 29, 2011

day two--detox

The second day was a bit quieter than the first--I'm glad to report that other than a few grumblings in the abdominal regions, the detox hasn't pulled a huge discomfort down upon me. Sure, it's not a pleasant thing to clean out your system, but it isn't as unpleasant as it could be!

I completely forgot that the dog was going to her home for the weekend, so I missed taking her for a walk. And because I was just feeling like a home-body today, I didn't go anywhere.

I still feel like I have more than enough food, and I still only managed one shake and one cup of tea today (but I was feeling a bit more like eating food, so I had three meals...without breaking the bank on calories!).

Only five more days of the detox to go--and at the end of the first week I'll do a weigh-in to see what has been accomplished! Until then, I'm avoiding the scale. It's still evil...


Rebekah said...

Yep. It's definitely best to not weigh yourself every day. (Spoken from the person who had a brief O.O moment on discovering I had "gained" two pounds in a couple days. =P )

MangyCat said...

Yeah, in fact, I would highly recommend staying off the scale for at least six weeks. If you know your starting weight, just keep that in mind, and let yourself get blown away by the results after a significant amount of time has gone by.

Too often, women obsess over 1-2 or even half-pound increments. Too much stress if you ask me!

Sara said...

I tend to do once a week--especially because I'm interested in knowing the impact of the detox. But I don't get too obsessed over it, knowing that weight goes up and down daily :P Without a weekly goal I tend to not stay focused!