January 26, 2011

30 days to fit...


It should be a four-letter word, because it's such an evil little thing to achieve. But this is the year of the impossible, at least, that's my goal, so FIT is on the menu.

And how nice of Arbonne to improve and expand their nutrition line just in time for me to use them to get fit. In fact, they have a 30 Day to Fit kit to aid those wanting to get fit.

So I'm going for it.

Now, I know it's going to take more than 30 days for me to reach all my goals (because I'd like to loose 100 pounds, and that's not even safe to do in 30 days), but 30 days is a start. My dear friend Rebekah suggested I blog about my journey, so here I am. I'll update you on how I'm doing, what I'm doing, and so on.

Here's the basic plan (I'm using the products but I don't have the "official" suggested plan, so I'm making my own):

2 shakes a day (love these, they are so yummy!)
2 cups of detox tea (also yummy, and no caffeine)
1-2 fizzy tabs a day (these have vitamin Bs, a boost of caffeine and some other supplements)
1-2 Fit Chews (I also love these--they hold off hunger for about 2 hours and provide a sweet treat)
1 serving of Fiber Boost

For the first seven days I'll also be doing a 7 day detox to help kick-start the process.

Daily I'm shooting for 1,800 calories, and I hope to make it to the gym every other day (well, I plan on going every day except Sunday, but I won't berate myself if I at least make it every other day!).

That's the plan--help me stick to it by leaving your comments and encouragements! I'll try to update daily on how I'm feeling (with weight updates once a week--can't get on that scale too often!).

And thanks, Arbonne, for making these products even better to help people reach their dreams. I plan on being on stage next year with a thinner, happier me!


MangyCat said...

Congrats on starting your fitness regimen! *cheers you on* Go, Nia!

Rebekah said...

Oh wow. This is kind of silly to point out, but those products really look sharp. I guess if you have to do the fit thing, do it with style!

I'm so proud of you for jumping in there. (And I'm sure that, in typical Sara fashion, you'll kick some dieting. . .um. . . you'll really do good. =P )

Sara said...

thanks gals! And yes, they DO look really sharp--very bright and pretty (though my personal style of packaging has more concrete imagery...that's just me :P ). Day one is going well--I'll blog about it later!

stephanie said...

Good for you! Just remember that scale can end up being your enemy. Being fit is more about health than weight (says the skinny one). Honestly, though. I would be healthier and have more energy if I started working out and gained some weight (muscle weighs more than fat - I've lost muscle since my days on the H.S. swim team and weigh a lot less). So - to the point - I'm looking forward to hearing about how much better you feel!

Sara said...

thanks Stephanie! Yes, fit is more than the scale (though I need to lose the weight), I also want to maintain the muscles I have and make them stronger! So far, I'm feeling good--I've always wanted to detox but have never found a good way to do it without huge cost and tons of rules that I couldn't follow. And today, I might have even enjoyed the detox mix :P