January 28, 2011

day one--detox

The world is full of pollutants--sometimes we can see them in the air, other times, we have no idea they are there. The food we eat is hardly safe considering the amount of chemicals used to grow and produce it. And when we are full of pollutants (also known as toxins) our bodies can't work to their full potential. So it makes sense that the first step for me would be to detox.

Arbonne has a seven day detox cleanse. It's a liquid concentrate that you mix with 32ozs of water, then you drink it down through the day. I tried it about 18 months ago and couldn't keep it down (I have this amazing gag reflex). But they changed the formula and made it taste better, and since it came in my "I Want it All" package, I decided to try it.

So today I started the detox. I'm happy to report that it does taste better (though I won't be giving it any awards for being delicious). I did end up adding one of my fizzy tabs to it to help boost flavor. It took me about 8 hours, but I got it all down with no problems!

And it turns out that you can eat a lot of things when you pay attention. I had pizza and salad (one slice of pizza, it's called moderation!), and apples and pasta and sausage. And I still have a second shake to drink before I head to bed (which is good because I am getting a tad bit hungry).

It was a great first day. Never before have I started on a limited calorie meal plan where I felt less restricted, more full, and had enough energy. I know that the Arbonne Essential products are making a difference on that front.

Now tomorrow I have to walk the dog--both of us will be better for it, and if we go long enough I'll count it as my workout!

Thanks for the comments and encouragement--keep it coming!


Rebekah said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad the detox concentrate tasted better, and I bet your body will thank you for it.

Be careful not to push too far during the first few days, exercise wise. Taking fuel away and then expecting your body to perform even more than usual is enough to make any body throw a hissy fit. =P Enjoy your walk. Find something lovely to write a poem about.

MangyCat said...

Glad you had a good first day! I have such a hard time with calorie restriction--I'm sure the products do help stave off the feelings of hunger. Keep up the good work!