December 15, 2008

what a hoot...

Last night we had our staff Christmas party for the church staff. It was "tacky Christmas sweater" night, with promised prizes for the best outfits. The night was a pot luck, and someone thinks we eat a lot, so there was way too much food. But everything tasted great, and the entertainment, well, we made our own!
Our Christmas sing-along quickly took a nosedive into a karaoke night. And I'm pretty sure someone spiked Jessica's punch. That girl was on fire! At one point, Scott was laughing so hard he had to quit playing the piano. Didn't stop us, we kept on singing.

And then, there was the gift exchange, done in true White Elephant form. The gift I took sparked a cat fight between two of the pastor's wives--never saw that coming!

Bonnie and Steve always make a cute couple!
Overall, the evening produced many laughs, a few bad outfits, and an emotional scar or two. What more can you ask from a party?

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... Paige said...

sounds like a perfect evening

Merry Christmas