December 5, 2008

a good day...

Yep, it's a good day.

First, Dara and her mom stopped by the store while I was working. It was great to see her again--she is looking amazing. Africa really agreed with her!

Then, I got some super deals. By combining coupons and sales, I got about $45 worth of product for $4. So now I have a neck warmer, a reed diffuser and some presents. Got to love it!

As I drove home, the sunset was amazingly beautiful. Lots of pink and purple and gold, all sneaking around the mountains. Really awesome.

Then, I stopped and got a free cheesecake from HoneyBaked, compliments of the real estate agent who sold dad the house 12 years ago. She sends us a coupon every year for a free pie.

For dinner, I got Chick-Fil-A. More coupons. Free food.

So yeah, it's been a good day. I'd even venture a great in there!

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