December 3, 2008

sixteen things...

1. I am an introvert. Most people don't believe me when I say this, but my last three MyersBriggs tests confirm that not only am I an introvert, but I am quickly moving away from the center line. I do recharge by being alone, and given the choice, I will always pick alone over a big group of people. I like people, but they wear me out.

2. I've competed in a National History Day competition. And by that, I mean at the national level. In D.C.. It was a blast.

3. The first guy who proposed to me has been in a movie (13 Going On 30) and on the show Monk. Steve--it still would never work, but I love you anyway :P

4. Growing up, I always wanted a dog. And I never got one. I had a cat. Now, I want a cat and I end up babysitting my sister's dog.

5. I've developed an allergy to dogs.

6. I was in the Peace Corps for one month before deciding that Namibia wasn't the place for me to serve.

7. I've written a screenplay.

8. There are three evil foods, they are of the devil. Corn. Strawberries. Sauerkraut.

9. My best friends all share similar names. We are Sara (me), Sarah P, Sarah B, and Dara.

10. I love Mt. Dew. It's my version of coffee.

11. My favorite color is purple, and that's what I painted my room.

12. I wear glasses except for when I'm only working on the computer. My up-close sight is fine, so fine that wearing the glasses makes it harder to see close objects.

13. I've received three marriage proposals. Sadly, none of them were overly legit.

14. I am a second born, middle and oldest child, all wrapped into one. And now you all understand my deep psychosis.

15. I despise spiders. If they are in my space, they must die. If they are outside, I will stomp at them until they run far, far away.

16. I drink only loose leaf tea--yes, I'm a tea snob.

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