September 10, 2008

everything except...

The kitchen table.

I've amassed a lot of belongings over the years. I have a bed, a poof chair, two popasan chairs, bookcases, dressers, side tables, televisions, lamps. But the one thing I DON'T have is a kitchen table. I've wanted my own kitchen table for a long time. I've come close to getting one a few times. Yet the table still eludes me.

Somehow, the table has become sort of a marker to me. I think when I finally get one, it will signify something major in my life.

Or it could just be a kitchen table.


Legossi_ said...

Personally, the poof chair is more important than a kitchen table. Poof chairs rock people's socks of... and they're comfy.

But having a kitchen table would be nice too, I suppose.

Sara said...

poof chairs are hard to eat in :)