September 13, 2008

communication issues...

Last night, dad and I went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. He wasn't feeling great, so we got a booth and then I asked him what he wanted so I could go order. He said, "Eight nuggets, lemonade and make the fry big." So I repeated, "An eight nugget combo with lemonade and the fry made large." He nodded and I went to order.

And I got him the eight nugget combo with lemonade (medium) and fries (large). So I bring the drinks back to the table and he looks at it. "That's not a large drink, is it?" I blink. "You didn't ask for a large drink," I said.

He shrugs and I go to get the food try. Once sitting, we start in on dinner and he eats his fries first. Then he opens his nuggets. He looks at me and says, "eight is the big pack?".

My somewhat snippy reply was, "No. The twelve pack is the big one. The eight pack is what you asked for."

Somehow, he just didn't get out what he really wanted last night. Next time, he can come up and order with me!

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