September 19, 2008


Several of you know that back in May I applied for a job as a department assistant. While I didn't get that job (because, I was told, I was over qualified and would be tired of it in a month), I did strike the fancy of the VP I interviewed with. He had a job he wanted to create and he thought I'd be perfect for it.

It's now September (breathe...I know, you are asking yourself how it got to be September already, I totally understand!) and I'm still in waiting for this new position. But there is good news on the horizon. The position was approved by the board and now the job description just needs to be written and approved by HR.

So I don't have a start date yet, but within a few weeks, hopefully I will. Keep praying (if you've been praying with me--I SO appreciate it!) or start praying that things will continue to work out. I'm really excited about this position and the way it will use my skills and talents!

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