May 29, 2008

things I wrestle with...

I know it will come as a huge shock to those who haven't been around the last 10 years- but I have no children yet. (Those of you who have been around know that and don't try to pretend you didn't!) However, that doesn't mean that I'm exempt from parenting chores. There are many, many children in my life that I have the opportunity and responsibility to help mold into holy and well-adjusted adults. As you parents know, this is no easy task.

Three of the children that I have the most influence with and on are the Myers kids. I'm very blessed by my friendship with Scott and Shelly. They share their children with me with no reservations (and sometimes with shouts of praise that I'm carting off all three!). I take this responsibility very seriously.

Lately, I've been struggling with how to influence and shape the way that God would have me. Jake turned 10 last August and since then, I've noticed (along with his parents) that some personality traits are emerging that aren't the best. Jake has always been a great kid. He hasn't stopped being a great kid. But he has moments.

I have no idea how to help a 10 year old boy cope with his anger over not hitting a baseball in a game. I have no idea how to reign him in more when he is torturing his younger brother. I have no idea how to help him see that his best is all we ask of him, not perfection.

So, I'm wrestling with these things. Hopefully, I'll gain some insight. Until then, I'll keep doing what I do best-love him to pieces and call him on the bad stuff while praising him for the good.


the AB club said...

I really try to be slow to speak (James 1:19) and slow in giving my two cents worth (quite a battle since I am the oldest sibling in my family). But I really have to share two books that have really really helped in my parenting. Shephering a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp and The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo. They are really good bilical parenting books. I really could give you a whole list of books but those would be the top.

Sara said...

awesome- I'll look into them :) Thanks Becca!

Wayne & Beth said...

Hey Sara! I've never commented on your blog before but I check it every once in a while from Aimee's site. I don't have much wisdom as I am walking through teaching Caitlyn how to love her brother. However, not hitting in a baseball game is pretty normal, statisically. You can check out some of the stats from say his favorite team or from the Rockies/Sky Sox and show him that even the best don't get a hit every game.

Holly said...

hey girl, if you check this today I am in the springs and would love to see you.
I'm having a BBQ tonight -
call me!

Sara said...

Beth- thanks for stopping by! Jake knows stats like crazy and it doesn't seem to register in his mind that the greats still strike out. He gets so upset at himself if he doesn't play "perfectly", and his idea of perfect is crazy. But maybe someday he'll get it :)