May 13, 2008

they can't take that away...

I have a confession. I really like the Harry Connick Jr station on Pandora. And I have a new favorite song, They Can't Take That Away From Me. I'm not too picky on who sings it.

I was in an interview today and my interviewer asked that horrid question, "If you could live life over, what would you do differently." I hate that question. Because, sure, there are mistakes that I would like to avoid, choices that I would like to have made better, relationships to avoid or encourage. But we can't do it over. And if we could and did, we wouldn't be the same person. So I say you can't take away one piece of my past and still have me be fully me as I am in this moment.

Anyway, that was random philosophy. Sorry for the scare!

Keep that interview in prayer--I'm cautiously optimistic.

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MangyCat said...

What a question! Wow. Love that song by Harry Connick Jr. He ROCKS. Almost as much as Sting, but not quite. ;o) Looking forward to the news about your interview!