June 4, 2008

homecomings and other things...

First off, I want to say congrats to my old friends, Andy & Jody Landers, on their adoption of 2 beautiful children. They will be home soon (from Africa) to join the four boys they already have. I'm not surprized that Jody and Andy are adopting- they have great big hearts.

My dear little Kayla is away at reading camp, otherwise known as grandma's house. Scott's mom taught both Jake and Will how to read. So Kayla is learning how to read while we all miss her.

On June 13th, there will be a great influx of teenagers into the Colorado Springs area. 30 teens from CleanPlace (along with various family members) will be coming for the second annual CP Moot. This year, I'm hosting 3 of the gals at my house. Should be fun.

I have a house to put in order AND clean before the 13th. I should get busy...

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