December 1, 2007

personal slogans...

A friend pointed me to this website where you can generate slogans for yourself. I used my username since I was posting these on CleanPlace and then thought I'd share them here as well. The comments after each one are my reactions! Enjoy...

Uh-oh, Better Get NarniaPrincess.
-- yep, heard that one before :)

There Ain't No Party Like A NarniaPrincess Party.
-- how did they know?

NarniaPrincess - The Appetizer!
-- I'm a tad frightened!

NarniaPrincess Tested, Mother Approved.
-- A double royal stamp of approval!

Don't Forget The NarniaPrincess, Mum.
-- aww, thanks.

Keep That Narnia Princess Complexion.
-- yeah, whatever!

Look For The Narnia Princess Label.
--coming to a mall near you!

Wow! I Could Have Had a Narnia Princess!
--too bad you missed your chance!

The World's Favourite Narnia Princess.
--enough said!

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