July 14, 2007

pardon my absence...

I've been busy. A few of you know that I recently became a mentor on an online, teen writing forum that a friend of mine runs. Well, this week we've had several of these teens here in town for a visit. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting so many teenagers, but they soon put my mind at ease. We've gone hiking and read some of our work out in the lovely Colorado outdoors. We've been writing a lot and even went to the top of Pike's Peak. Here are a few photos (in an interest of not posting photos of minors, I'm not including pics of the teens).

Me at the top of Pikes Peak. This is the first time I've been up there in years and I drove!

A nice shot looking over the valley.

This is my friend, Dianna, who runs the forum. She's a sweetheart :)

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MangyCat said...

What fun it was too! I couldn't have survived it without you!