February 1, 2007

thoughts I'm thinking...

Hi. It's been a while. Didn't mean to leave you all hanging like that. I was stuck in the land of seriously limited internet access, and it wasn't Africa :) It was Wyoming. I spent about 3 weeks up there finishing up some painting for my dad.

I'm back now and catching up on life. I'm trying to do some writing, but I'm at a point on my current project where I don't have a great desire to continue it. I will, I know, but I have to get past the "this is really boring" part.

I'm working, kinda. I've picked up a few shifts in the nursery at church. It's not much, but it gets me out of bed early a few days a week, so I can't complain. Otherwise, I stay up WAY too late, reading or watching movies. While that is great for getting my story mind in action, it's not a good way to get ME into action before 10 in the morning :).

As far as the future goes (because so many people have asked), I have no idea what my long term plan is. Perhaps because I don't have one at the moment. There is a lot that I could say about that, but I'm not quite ready to go into it all, so we'll just say, I'm waiting.

And to make waiting more interesting, I've taken up crocheting. Nothing fancy, I won't be making anything complicated, but I'm on my second blanket already. How's that for saying I have too much time on my hands? Dad better bring home some paint so I can paint this house!

Alright, don't forget to leave me a comment so I know you've been by!


Nicole said...

Hey you! I had been waiting for an update to see what you are up to. I know how it feels to have no long term plan!!
Just wanted to let you know I was here!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was about to send out the search and rescue. I sure am glad you are still on planet earth.
Glad you are updating again.
-The Vocalviolinist

Judy said...

Wow - you are crocheting! I took it up last year, and while it has been a few months since I did something, I must say that it is amazingly satisfying...for just a bit of time, you have instant results!