December 20, 2006

you have to love hindsight...

Ever since I came home, I've heard many, many comments that indicate that many of you are glad I came home. Funny, it seems that several people didn't feel good about my going to Africa. Chalk it up to the things I wish I had known before I took off. But then again, I'm glad I didn't know. I really learned a lot during my time in Namibia.

Since coming home, I've been hanging out with the Myers kids, including taking Will shopping for Christmas presents. It's been fun. However, I will be looking for a job come January, so if you know of any openings, just let me know.

1 comment:

Nydia said...

hey sara-
just wanted to say you crossed my mind this week, so I thought i'd find you again via your blog.

how are things going? did u land a job yet? how's the fam?

let me know how you're doing sometime, ok?

miss you-