September 11, 2011

august reading review

A once-a-month review of the books I read. I'll share quotes when I remember to copy them down.

The rating is the same as Goodreads--5 stars means "it was amazing," 4 is "really liked it," 3 is "liked it," 2 is "it was okay," and 1 is "didn't like it."

The Chosen by Chaim Potok (4 stars)

The story of two young Jewish boys on the verge of manhood. Despite a rocky start, these two become friends and set themselves on the paths that will define them as they become men. I like Potok's story-telling, even if it's a bit hard to get sucked in at first. A hauntingly beautiful story. Recommended for 16 and older.

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher (4 stars)

The most recent in my favorite series, The Dresden Files. This one got four stars instead of five mostly because Butcher made me wait a whole year to find out what happened to my very favorite wizard, and then he drug it out for a whole novel. As usual, there's some heart-wrenching character development, some laughs, and the sort of adventure that only Harry Dresden can have.

The Lost Hours by Karen White (4 stars)

A story about a woman who lost her dreams when she suffered a near-fatal accident while riding a horse. This is about her finding her dreams, her history, and a little bit of love just when she thought there was nothing left in life. As she learns where she came from she also learns about the life of her grandmother and the importance of making sure someone knows your story. This one has some adult themes, so 18 and up for recommendations.

On the Banks of the River of Heaven by Richard Parks (3 stars)

A collection of myth-esque short stories, Parks explores the themes of love and life. I enjoyed most of them (had to quit reading one because it just wasn't interesting and I couldn't care about it) but I'm not likely to pick this one up again. I'd recommend it to those who love exploring myths that are outside the Greek and Roman schools, and 18 and up.

Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery (3 stars)

The lesser-known series by the author of Anne of Green Gables. I had a much harder time getting into this one, but I've decided that it's partly due to age and the distance between my time and the author's. It was a charming story, and I'd love to have any daughter of mine read it when she was about ten. Emily is in ways a more normal character than Anne, and her adventures are engaging. Any fans of Anne should give this one a read.

Powers by Ursla K LeGuin (3 stars)

The third in a series of YA fantasy, this one focuses on a young slave boy. This series is far more disjointed than I tend to like them, but it worked because she finally brought them back together in the end. The writing is clean and the story compelling. A good read for any 14 and up.

So far I've read 70 books this year, and that was without even trying!


stephanie said...

I have most of L.M. Montgomery's books. I loved them when I was in upper elementary/junior high. I've been waiting for my girls to get older to re-read them; but loaned the Emily books to a friend to read this summer. We're working our way through the Little House books, here.

I've been wondering if you ever read the Wizard of Earthsea books by LeGuin. Maybe you have written about it and I missed/forgot. I've heard good & bad about them.

Sara said...

I haven't read the Earthsea books, but I did watch the mini-series that Sic-Fi Channel did a while back and I enjoyed it. I might get around to the books in the next year or so!