April 6, 2011


I was watching a channel tonight that I rarely watch (for those who know me well, you are aware that I mostly watch one channel--usa network, the rest is just fluff) and after the show ended (Whose Line is it Anyway?) an infomercial came on...for Insanity.

It's a workout program that is, well, insane. And as I'm sitting here with sore arms from a pathetic workout yesterday, I'm thinking, "hey, I want to do that." Guess it lives up to it's name, because in the state I'm in, there's not a chance on this green and blue world that I could do it.

But the "trainer" guy seemed like someone I could trust--he kept saying things like "you do as much as you can for as long as you can. Don't worry, you'll get better." I mean, wow, that's nice. No yelling at me that I'm scum, no being overly dorky (remember Richard Simmons?), and casting vision for the future.

And if you do the program for 60 days, and send them a before and after shot, they'll send you a free tee-shirt that says, "Insanity," on the front and, "I earned it!" on the back.

Anyway, I did not order the program, more from lack of funds than desire, because we all know I'm already insane.

But do I have to have the newest program to get in shape? It might help, but I don't NEED it. I have a gym membership paid through June of 2012. I have a whole shelf of workout dvd's, from yoga to walking to balance ball. I have the equipment I need to do said workouts.

I just need to do them.

And I'm getting better about that. Last week I made it to the gym twice. No rooster is going to crow about it, but hey, it was two times more than the previous week, and that's not too shabby. This week I've already been once (for the record, in my world, weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday). And tonight I pulled out one of the yoga dvd's I've never done and did two of the four practices--and it was good. I sometimes forget that I really do like yoga.

Tomorrow I plan to get to the gym. In fact, I have to go throw my gym clothes in the laundry so they are ready for me.

And in other news, go read Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World. It's by N.D. Wilson and it will blow your mind. And whoever buys me a copy for my birthday will be my favorite person for the whole rest of the month. Promise :P

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MangyCat said...

Heath does the same thing with determining his weeks--Monday through Sunday.

Good job making it twice last week!