April 7, 2011


A lot of you out there think that I'm fearless, that because I have an overabundance of self-confidence, that I can do anything. I love you for thinking it, but I have to burst that bubble. I'm human. And while, yes, I am very confident in who I am, there are things that I don't feel comfortable doing (it's not fear, as I know it won't hurt to do it, it's just that it's uncomfortable and I like comfort).

But it's become very very apparent to me that if I am going to be successful in my business then I must get uncomfortable. I have to be willing to step outside the comfort zone. It's a choice, it's a intentional action. And I have to make it and take it.

So today, I did.

It started at the blood bank. I gave the receptionist an Arbonne sample. Now, I've handed out samples, but usually to people that I know or have some relationship with. But I've only see this gal twice, and I only know her name because she wears a name tag (I'm SO bad at asking and remembering names). But after my donation, I stopped to make my next appointment and then I offered her the sample.

And yet, that just put me on the line. It wasn't really outside the comfort zone, just in the borderlines. So tonight I went to my favorite Thai eatery. While I was eating and reading (yes, I take along reading material when I dine alone), a couple with a young baby sat at the table next to me. The dad played with the child (who was three months or less, by my guess), and the little boy smiled at me and we made faces at each other for a few moments.

As I returned my focus to my dinner, I felt that prompting in my gut that I should give them a sample. And sure enough, I had a baby sample in my purse. So I kept eating and thought about it. As the meal progressed, I could tell from the tone of the new mother's voice that she was stressed and a bit on edge. The same prompting told me she could use something nice.

So I pulled out another sample, this one of the firming body cream and body wash. I paid my bill, and then interrupted them for just a moment to share the samples. It took less than a minute--I didn't push, I just said, "Hi. I just wanted to share these amazing baby products with you and your adorable son. And because all new mothers deserve some care, here's something for you. I hope you enjoy them." And then I left.

Yes, my card is in the samples. I hope they call. But even if they don't, I did what I needed to do.

And it didn't kill me. Comfort zone does not equal safety. And stepping outside it doesn't mean danger, just growth.

I'd say that was a good day's work.

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MangyCat said...

Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! Those sounded like perfectly natural ways to work in giving samples. Hooray for following the gut instinct!