October 14, 2010

wild new adventure...

Well, this post is a bit overdue, but I've been working two jobs, so forgive me.

Yes, two jobs (soon to be one again)! On September 27th I signed up to be an independent consultant with Arbonne. This opportunity is a complete answer to prayer. Let me explain.

Back at the start of August, I was starting to get antsy with my current job situation. I realized that since becoming sales lead in April of last year, I had hardly been to church , that I'd hardly had any weekends off, and I was so tired all the time--tired enough that I no longer had time to write! I felt that God was prompting me to find a job that would allow me to not work weekends. I prayed, and I told God I would do everything I could (put out applications) if he would open up the right job.

So I started applying--and I wasn't being picky. I kept sending in my application to anything that I was remotely qualified for. And I got nothing. Not a single bite. Then, things at the store got bad. Our co-manager got promoted to another store, and despite being next in line for her job (which would include benefits), the job wasn't offered, not even mentioned for me. Part of me was glad because being co-manager would have meant more hours, less weekends, and more of all the retail. Tensions are the store were high, and I was ready to be out.

I had made the decision to start attending church no matter how tired I was, so I was there the morning our pastor asked who might be making a big decision, a tough decision, soon. I raised my hand. I was praying for a big change. When Thomas prayed for us all, part of the prayer was that we would all look for creative, out of the box answers to our prayers.

Two days later, my friend, Shelly, called and invited me out to lunch. i love spending time with Shelly, so I was happy to join her. A little voice in my mind said, "she's probably going to talk to you about Arbonne," while another voice said, "oh, I hope she doesn't." I knew Shelly had been selling Arbonne for a month, and that she was enjoying it. But I didn't want anything to do with it.

So I went to lunch, and sure enough, Shelly brought up Arbonne. Part of me wanted to tune out, but Shelly wasn't pushing the business, she was talking about what she saw in my life: that I was losing time for writing, for CleanPlace, and that I was unhappy, unappreciated, and in need of a change. And another voice in my heart said, "you need to pay attention."

Well, God worked on me, and shortly I was sure that I was supposed to sell Arbonne. I'm thrilled to join Shelly's team, thrilled to be working with women who cheer and support me. Thrilled to be working with products that are good for you, for a company who wants me to do well.

And the best thing is, I do love the products. It's so easy to sell what you love. And I love telling people about Arbonne--and I love thanking God for this opportunity!

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