September 19, 2010

common courtesy...

I was driving down Uintah today and was at a stop light right before the road goes from two lanes down to one. I noticed the young man in the right lane, next to me, waving and saying something. So I rolled the window down, not sure what to expect.

He said, "May I merge ahead of you across the intersection?"

So polite, so courteous, I hardly knew how to respond. Of course I said sure.

When the light turned green, he accelerated a bit ahead of me and then merged over once we were through the intersection. He waved.

A few blocks later, as I went to turn, he waved back again, just to say goodbye, I guess.

And that simple act of courtesy totally made my week.

My challenge to you this week is this: How can we be polite to our fellow humans this week? Tell me where in the comments what you are going to do!

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