January 31, 2009

saturday super snapshot...

Holly (who has an awesome blog) makes amazing cakes. And I've been watching a bit of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. I'm a creative person (note, I did not say artistic, I will not claim that). And I hate spending so much money on fancy cakes from Walmart (or wherever) that just aren't that cool, even if they have nice looking frosting. So, for Will and Kayla's join party, I agreed to make a cake.

First off, let's just say that the directions for the marshmallow fondant were a bit misleading. Second, sticky doesn't even begin to cover what that mixture was.

But I have a cake. A castle cake. It's cool. Don't even try to knock it, because I will send the flying monkeys to mock you until you repent :P .


Holly said...

for the record:
you did a great job!
fondant takes practice to work with and you did perfect, especially for the first shot!
I loved the idea - super cute!

... Paige said...



very colorful

Sara said...

Thanks Paige and Holly :) Will and Kayla loved it--and it was a hit with everyone (taste-wise). The end was way different than I envisioned it, but I was still happy. It was a lot of work--I have a whole new respect for yours (Holly)!

Sara said...

and the party theme was "Knights and Fair Maidens"--it was a ton of fun :)

News 4 You said...

Can I eat this cake please.

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