July 29, 2013

about that adventure...

Remember back in January when I talked about The Hobbit and how I felt like I was getting ready for an adventure?  Well, my adventure showed up, and what a ride it has been.

Back in March, things blew up at my job. Long story short, by the end of March I didn't have a job.  And while it hurt a bit, I wasn't as torn up about it as I expected.  And in April, a job that sounded really wonderful opened up.  I had had my eye on library jobs in Wyoming for a while, and this one was for a Children's Programming Manager in Converse County.

Well, things moved, albeit slowly, and I interviewed in May.  I had prayed a lot about it and thought this would be the perfect fit for me, but I was also in that strange place of peace, no matter if I got it or not.

And I didn't get it.

But they DID offer me a position as Public Relations & Information manager.  Apparently, my skills over the years (working in Communications, writing, my degree, etc) and my engaging personality made the library director feel like I would be the perfect person for the job.  It was in Wyoming, in a small town (both things I was interested in), and the pay was right.  So I accepted.

So I packed up my entire life and moved up to Converse County, Wyoming.  I work for the county library (which has two branches, one in Douglas and one in Glenrock).  Turns out housing in Douglas is almost impossible to get (if you rent), so I ended up finding an apartment in Glenrock.

I went from living in a city of half a million to living in a state that barely has half a million.  My new home towns have 6,000 and 2,500 respectively.

Talk about culture shock.

And I'm loving it.

For the first time in my life, I have my own space.  I get to make the decisions on where stuff goes, how hot (or cool) I keep it, where to park.  I have a job that is challenging and fun.  I have great co-workers.  I live in a community where people help out, where they wave as they pass you on the road (even if they don't know you).  It's just the fresh breath of air that I needed in my life.

I know for some people out there, moving to a tiny town (where there isn't even a stoplight) would be torture.  But for me, it's good.  I needed some place where I didn't feel quite so invisible.  Some place where people SEE each other.  Where I couldn't get lost when I wanted to.  I'm too good at being lost, at blending in, at making sure I don't get involved.  But life is about being involved.

So next weekend, we are having a Choke Cherry Festival, and I'm going to go (hello, I LOVE choke cherries), and I'm going to churches to meet people and find a church family.  And I'm getting to know the patrons at the library.

I might not be slaying dragons or running from goblins, but I am sure having an adventure.

And I'm loving every minute of it.


NarnianWarHorse said...

Wow Nia! I actually didn't know till now that you really did move. O_o It's weird to think of you not in Colorado... But it sounds like you're in a great place. :)

Anyway, hope all is well, & I just wanted to say 'hi,' send you a *hug*, & let you know I'm thinking of you. :)

God bless,


Sara said...

Thanks Bree :) Yes, I moved, and it's been quite a whirlwind of a summer. Maybe we can plan a get-together sometime when I'm headed down for the weekend. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear about your life in WY!