May 18, 2009


I keep forgetting to post this--yay for remembering! Many of you know Vicky, my older sister. Vicky is mentally disabled, but that has never stopped her lovely personality from shinning through!

A week or so ago, as I was told, my sister's host mother was giving their dog a bath. Vicky walked past the bathroom and saw the dog in the tub. So she went to her room, pulled her cat, Corey, out from the cat bed, and proceeded to carry her to the bathroom. Before Linda could say anything, Vicky plopped Corey into the tub. The cat let her wash and rinse.

Apparently, Corey always wanted a bath, and Vicky was the only one who knew!


... Paige said...

Too funny and love the photo

Sara said...

I wish I'd taken the pic, but I borrowed it from the net :P