February 16, 2009

can I charge that?

I like to pay my bills online. I can do it at the last minute, I don't have to find a stamp, and it's easy. Well, it used to be.

Since I only log in about once a month, I often forget my username. It used to be that you could have them email it to you. Now, every time I forget my username, I have to re-set up the account with a NEW username. I think I've gone through about five names (because, of course, you can't use one you've already used). And every time I have to come up with a new one, it's even more random, and I'm even less likely going to remember.

And then, there is the password ordeal. In order to protect my account, the ever-wise people have made passwords require things. You can't use a word found in the dictionary, you have to use numbers, but not numbers that might make sense, you can't use anything that might mean something to you, it has to have at least six digits/characters. The problem with all these things is that I can't remember these stupid passwords FOR THE LIFE OF ME. I hate it. And so, if by chance I DO remember my username for more than one month, there is no chance in h_ _ _ that I will remember the password.

It's stupid, really. But because of all the rules and safety features, I have to write my info down. So any person who had a clue could find my clues and log into my account. Where as, if I could use the name and password I want, I'd have no problem, and no one would ever be able guess it.

I'd like the charge the card company for all the time in my life they have wasted. Think it will fly?

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MangyCat said...

It would not likely fly, but if it did, then I don't think you would have to worry about paying bills anymore. ;o)

I end up writing down all my passwords and usernames on paper. It's the only way I can keep them straight. But at least they aren't stored on the web anywhere specific.