January 9, 2008

slip and slide...

Remember those? Carin got one when we were kids and it never worked like they showed on t.v.. I guess that was one in a long line of false advertisements. But I wasn't really thinking about that until I typed the title. I was thinking, rather, about the snow that we have here and how the roads keep turning into skating rinks. I'm tired of driving on slick surfaces, tired of falling (okay, so I only fell once, but that was more than enough) and of getting stuck (again, only once, and the cute policeman did help me out, but hey, there has to be a better way to meet guys!).

I'm ready for spring, for sunshine and flowers and leaves on the trees. Ready for light jackets, not heavy, bulky coats. And yet, I want time to slow down. There has to be some way to fast forward to April and then hold it there, I just have to find the right button.

So, how has your year been so far? I'm busy working, reading and trying to clean the house (and not being so successful at the last one due to the first two). My reading goal this year is 100 books. If you want to know what I'm reading, find me on www.goodreads.com (look for my gmail address). Many of the teens on CleanPlace are joining this reading challenge and it is looking to be a fine year for books.

My other news is that I finally got my "split" keyboard and it is wonderful. I can type without going numb in the arm now. Lovely.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are up to!

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MangyCat said...

Well, you know everything I'm up to, so I'll just comment on your keyboard. It ROCKS, people! I got to give it a whirl the day Sara got it, and though it takes awhile to get used to, I can definitely see that there could be big benefits--one, of course, is not having numb fingers. Glad you finally got it, Sara!