November 6, 2006

a funny thing happened...

on the way to Washington.

I'm here in D.C., killing time (I'm so violent!) before staging gets underway this afternoon. I am very happy for the free, in-room internet that allows me to not fight over the 2 computers they have in the business center downstairs.

I got off yesterday just fine. I check in early and was able to request a seat change on my second flight from E (middle seat) to a lovely B (aisle) in row 27. Dad, Nathan, Vicky, Shelly and the kids all came to see me off. Will and I cried, then Dad and I cried and then I was off.

The first flight from COS to Dallas/Ft. Worth found me next to a Mary Kay gal. She was a Christian and we had a lovely conversation about how God places us where He wants us. I had planned on sleeping (since I only got 3 hours the night before!), but this was just as good.

Once in Dallas, I had time to visit the little girl's room, hop the shuttle to concourse C, grab a hamburger at Wendy's (but no time to eat) and then walked onto the plane for trip 2. I schlepped my bags and hamburger back to row 27 only to find someone in my seat. I informed him very nicely that he was in my seat and he asked if I was willing to switch with him. I said it depended. After all, I had intentionally asked for an aisle seat and no way was I going to take a middle seat for 3 hours!

He handed me his boarding pass and said "it's in first class."

Needless to say, I switched with him. I had to wait at the back of the plane (right behind row 27, which, by the way, did not have reclining seats) until EVERYONE was on board and then make my way back up to first class. Turned out, I sat in the first row, aisle seat. It was fun.

So, I got a bit of pampering. Of course, I didn't want to sleep at that point because how often do I get to travel in style with glass cups, wine and dinner on real plates? I ended up dozing after a while but not for long.

Alright, I have to go find some lunch and then it is off to staging! I did notice that the comment link for the previous post is giving errors, but the lower ones are ok. Hopefully this post will work!

Leave a comment and let me know you came by.


Sarah said...

Hi!! I'm sorry I couldn't come to the open house to see you off. I hope you're having a great time and sneaking in a few hundred words here and there. I miss you!

Dad said...

Boy - 1st class - talk about falling into it asn coming out smelling like a rose. Have fun!